Nezar Lourens

Recruitment Consultant

Everything in life starts with having a good basis. If it is strong and sturdy, it's easy to build upon, and the sky is the limit. For enterprises, it's important to have resilient, robust, and secure infrastructures to ensure the continuation of daily operations, and ultimately, revenue. With my expertise in DevOps, Cloud, System & Network infrastructure technologies, and job market insights, I strive to connect enthusiastic, talented professionals to ambitious companies. Reach out if you're looking to exercise your expertise in a new working environment or if you’re looking for skilled individuals to help you tackle your current challenges.




Are you looking for a new role? Would you like to compare your current salary against the market rate?

Maybe you’re looking to grow your team and need help planning and setting hiring budgets.

Our interactive market update, split by technology, has all the information you need; from salary benchmarks, gender split and average tenure to 'time to hire' and fastest-growing skills.